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Medical orthopedic cervical collar Disposable cervical collar

Short Description:

The four in one neck brace, also known as a multifunctional neck brace or neck fixator, can be worn and used when multiple people are needed for transfer.

SIZE:Children and Adult S/M/L



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Functional characteristics of the four in one neck support:


1. Simple structure and easy operation.


2. The internal materials are soft, providing a comfortable feeling for the injured during wearing, preventing secondary scratches.


3. The fixed lock ensures the stability and symmetry of the neck bracket.

4. There are various sizes to choose from, suitable for different groups of people, and the product has clear symbols for easy adjustment according to actual situations when using.


5. Selecting a metal free plan allows for routine CT and other inspections.


6. Large airway openings facilitate carotid artery monitoring.


7. The rear opening plan is convenient for diagnosis and ventilation.

Four in one neck support, also known as emergency neck support, integrates the four dimensions of the neck support into one, ensuring that patients can receive the correct size of the neck support at any time. This neck brace is suitable for all adult patients and provides neck fixation for the injured. The adjustable cervical spine fixator is divided into four positions, and can be selected according to the patient’s neck size, including TALL (high), REGULAR (general), SHORT (short), and NO NECK (no neck). Enable each patient to find the appropriate size. When installing, simply open and adjust the PUSH TO LOCK button to the appropriate position (red area), and then press the lock fixture to install it on the patient’s neck. When the rescue scene is extremely tense and busy, you don’t have to worry about the size of the neck brace.


Precautions for using neck braces


For example, patients undergoing cervical spine surgery usually need to wear a neck brace for 1-3 months after surgery. Wear a neck brace when getting up for activities and remove it when resting in bed. When wearing a neck brace, reading books, newspapers, etc. is not affected, and the neck can still be in a resting state. When using the neck support, it is also important to pay attention to the appropriate tightness, as neither too loose nor too tight can protect and fix the neck. When using, a small cotton towel or gauze can be placed inside the neck bracket to prevent ulcers in the jaw and neck. As the head cannot be lowered during walking, it is important to walk slowly and carefully to avoid falling.

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