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Cervical Collar Neck Support Orthopedic Cervical Collar Foam Neck Brace With Plastic Support For Children

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Ergonomic design, 360-degree support, adjustable tightness, relieving cervical pressure, comfortable to wear.
The selected breathable fabric is soft and comfortable without stimulation, with good ductility, warmth and breathability. And the tightness is adjustable, and the plastic plate can be double supported.

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Soft neck care sponge neck care

Soft neck care sponge neck care, made of medium density sponge, is designed according to the shape of the human neck, with support for the mandible and back pillow, fixation and straightening
The function of the neck can prevent the head and neck from sagging, leaning back and twisting, protect the cervical vertebrae, reduce the pressure on the neck, and wear it freely.

Neck support

Neck support, commonly known as neck collar, is an auxiliary treatment instrument for cervical spondylosis, belonging to a kind of medical external fixation brace, which is mainly used for cervical fracture fixation and dislocation reduction

Sponge collar

Sponge collar, cervical spine fixation brace, belonging to the medical external fixation brace series, the product is made of high-density sponge, comfortable to wear, and the joint is a magic fastener. It is suitable for mild cervical protrusion, pain, numbness and other symptoms. It mainly plays a supporting and fixing role.

Soft neck support Soft neck support is made of felt or similar materials. The front of the neck support is relatively low, and the size of the felt pad is suitable for the shape of the mandible. It "supports" the cheek, making the head - chin - neck in a slight flexion position, and the back is high, reaching the pillow. When touching, it can be used as a reminder to prevent the head from leaning back, and avoid the neck from extending too far.

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