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Health Care Medical Wrist Support Carpal Tunnel Wrist Hand Brace

Short Description:

Product features: supporting and fixing the wrist joint; Three extra wide support straps placed on the wrist enhance fixation effect; Plastic aluminum plywood ensures appropriate fixation position;


Product specification: S/M/L;Both Left and Right


Indications: Chronic soft tissue damage to the wrist after trauma or surgery; Wrist rheumatoid arthritis; Fixation after removing the plaster bandage;

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The wrist joint is a complex joint composed of multiple joints, including the radiocarpal joint, intercarpal joint, and carpometacarpal joint. However, in our daily lives, playing basketball, push ups, moving things, and so on can cause damage to the wrist joint. At this point, the wrist joint fixation strap becomes useful.


1.It can fix the injured wrist joint, effectively avoiding secondary injury to the wrist joint and helping the injured wrist joint recover faster.


2.It can be used to fix sprains in the radius, which is located on the outer part of the forearm and is divided into two ends. The main manifestations are: pain in the wrist when exerting force or lifting objects; There is tenderness at the styloid process of the radius, and a hard nodule can be felt.

3.It can be used for fixation of thumb joint fractures. Fractures of the thumb joint can cause finger pain, swelling, and other symptoms. There will be obvious pain symptoms in the local area, which are related to activity. When activated, the pain will be significantly exacerbated, and the fracture site will be significantly swollen. In addition, symptoms such as numbness in the distal end of the fingers, obvious active bleeding and fractures in the local area, and difficulty in moving the area may also occur.

4.It can effectively alleviate the pain of tenosynovitis, which is a common disease and a sterile inflammation. Long term and excessive friction of joints between fingers, thumb, and wrist can lead to inflammation of tendons and tendon sheaths, causing symptoms such as swelling, pain, and limited mobility. Once discovered, timely treatment should be taken to prevent worsening of the condition.

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