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Children Kid Adjustable Forearm Brace Elbow Wrist Wrap Support Factory Sell

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Breathable material

Protection for injury recovery period. Provide pressure, reduce swelling, limit activity, and allow the injured area to recuperate. Generally, it has elasticity and can protect the body and keep warm. The medical fixation belt series is mainly used for supporting the local fixation of a affected area of the body before and after treatment for disease patients, alleviating or alleviating muscle pain and soreness, and preventing the spread of the disease. It is generally divided into wrist protectors, elbow protectors, thumb valgus fixators, forearm fixators, etc.

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Children Elbow Support

Fix the upper limbs in a therapeutic position, maintain them in a functional position, prevent limb swelling, and engage in functional exercise.

Scope of application of forearm sling:

Forearm Sling Applications

Patients who have undergone surgery for shoulder joint dislocation, elbow joint dislocation, clavicle fracture, external condylar neck fracture, humeral shaft fracture, forearm double fracture, hand injury, or other upper limb diseases require forearm suspension



The forearm fixed strap is made of high-quality composite fabric, aluminum strip board, adhesive buckle, etc. The protective part of the forearm is extended to ensure integrated rehabilitation process, and the aluminum alloy arc support conforms to the hand curve, making it comfortable to wear. Specification of Forearm Fixing Belt

Mild to moderate wrist sprains, arthritis, wrist joint syndrome, tenosynovitis, fixation after removal of plaster bandages;


Forearm fixation strap is a category of medical fixation straps and is an auxiliary rehabilitation medical device that cannot be replaced.

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