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Adjustable Comfortable Soft Ankle Air cast Ankle Sprain Drop Foot Support

Short Description:

An ankle injury can do more than slow you down and cause you to miss the big game, it can keep coming back long into the future if you don’t properly protect it from further injury. Crafted with pre-inflated air cells and an automatic heel adjustment, you can slip it over your ankle, tighten it down with two adjustable Velcro straps, and slip it inside your shoe; all quickly and easily. Better yet, it can provide you with added ankle support while you’re moving so you can recovery from injury more quickly and prevent additional injuries from occurring. Give your body time to heal and rehabilitate your ankle by first protecting it with the High Ankle Brace perfect for moderate ankle sprains, fall arches, plantar fasciitis and other post-op injuries. Product Detail: Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace Lightweight, Breathable Neoprene Core Semi-Rigid Exterior Pre-Inflated Air Cells Automatic Heel Adjustment Universal to Fit Right or Left Ankle Streamlined Design to Fit Most Footwear Hand Wash Only

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Air-Gel Ankle Support Brace: Intended to prevent or treat acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, post-operative use and ankle sprains grade I, II, and III. Simple to apply and adjustable
Air & Gel Bladders:Combined for cold therapy and even distribution of pressure. Helps eliminate swelling and edema
Anatomically contoured plastic stirrups designed shells are lined with patented Duplex air cells, which help stabilize and protect the ankle
Uses: when either walking or jogging
Universal sizing: fits either right or left foot

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